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The Highest Overall Ratings from All 32 Teams

[Oct 16 2017 GMT]

32 teams in Madden 18 have its unique and different characteristics. Players can choose whatever team they will play in the game. Of course, each team has an elite player. Here is the list of 32 players with the highest ratings from all 32 teams.


Pittsburgh Steelers

 Le'Veon Bell (Running Back) and Antonio Brown (Wide Receiver): 97OVR

Baltimore Ravens

 Marshal Yanda (Guard): 96OVR

Dallas Cowboys

 Zack Martin (Guard): 95OVR

Philadelphia Eagles

 Brandon Graham (Defensive End): 95OVR

Seattle Seahawks

 Kam Chancellor (Safety): 95OVR

Washington Redskins

 Trent Williams (Offensive Tackle): 95OVR

Arizona Cardinals

 David Johnson (Running Back): 94OVR

Cincinnati Bengals

  A.J. Green (Wide Receiver): 94OVR

Kansas City Chiefs

 Eric Berry (Safety) and Travis Kelce (Tight End): 94OVR

Miami Dolphins

 Ndamukong Suh (Defensive Tackle): 93OVR

Minnesota Vikings

 Harrisson Smith (Safety): 93OVR

Denver Broncos

Miller (Linebacker): 99OVR

Los Angeles Rams

Aaron Donald (Defensive End): 99OVR

New England Patriots

Tom Brady (Quarterback): 99OVR

Atlanta Falcons

  Julio Jones (Wide Receiver): 98OVR

Carolina Panthers

Luke Kuechly (Linebacker): 98OVR

Green Bay Packers

  Aaron Rodgers (Quarterback): 98OVR

Houston Texans

 J.J. Watt (Defensive End): 98OVR

Oakland Raiders

 Khalil Mack (Linebacker): 97OVR

New York Giants

  Odell Beckham jr. (Wide Receiver): 93OVR

Tennessee Titans

 Delanie Walker (Tight End): 93OVR

Buffalo Bills

 LeSean McCoy (Running Back): 92OVR

Cleveland Browns

 Joe Thomas (Offensive Tackle): 92OVR

New Orleans Saints

Drew Brees (Quarterback) and Cameron Jordan (Defensive End): 92OVR

Jacksonville Jaguars

 Calais Campbell (Defensive End): 91OVR

San Francisco 49ers

 Kyle Juszczyk (Fullback): 91OVR

Indianapolis Colts

 Andrew Luck (Quarterback): 90OVR

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

 Mike Evans (Wide Receiver) and Gerald McCoy (Defensive Tackle): 90OVR

Chicago Bears

 Josh Sitton (Guard): 89OVR

Detroit Lions

 Darius Slay Jr. (Cornerback): 89OVR

Los Angeles Chargers

 Keenan Allen (Wide Receiver) and Melvin Ingram (Wide Receiver): 89OVR

New York Jets

 Leonard Williams (Defensive End): 85OVR


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