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The Good State of Sherman Came Back

[Dec 01 2015 GMT]

In the game with Pittsburgh Steelers, Richard Sherman that everyone is familiar with finally came back. He made Antonio Brown become the passing target 9 times but only got 3 balls during the counterpoint, pushing 24 yards. Brown complted only 6 receptions, pushing 54 yards.

In an interview from after the game, Sherman said that he was satisfied with his performance. He also joked that he was not good at defending short receivers so he didn't know exactly how well he did. Sherman once again demonstrated his performance as the top corner of the show. It is also very interesting to hear him again make such a declaration.

In addition, Sherman also completed a steal in the game. In previous games, he disposed the balls several times while nearly completing steals, which greatly affected his data. However data sometimes does not reflect the player's true ability, the Seahawks fans must be very happy to see the familiar Sherman.

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