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The Gentleman Mike Conley

[Apr 14 2017 GMT]

Mike Conley who plays in the NBA for ten years had never has a fine foul. He played 10 seasons, 756 games and 24854 minutes, got 0 technical fouls.

Conley has a very high athleticism when he was young. 2007 draft, the Grizzlies in the first round of the fourth overall picked Conley, so he entered into the league for ten years and gradually grow into the league's top point guard, but he also has maintained a low profile. As a point guard, his excellent technology has always maintained a calm mind and a big heart dare to stand out at the crucial moment to score.

His good temper is well known and won the league's recognition. He in the 2013-14 season and 2015-16 season twice won the NBA moral fashion award. This guy who likes to play the piano has a high personality charm, last summer the Grizzlies are willing to offer him a five-year $ 153 million top salary contract.

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