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The Future of Dallas Cowboys

[Oct 27 2015 GMT]

Dallas Cowboys lost to New York Giants this week. Where is the future of the team? Some players have not good performance in the game escapecilly in the second line. Only Byron Jones has a good performance on the whole.

The seconed line can't stop Giants' offensive and pass. This is the main reason why New York Giants beat Dallas Cowboys. The defense is the biggest problem for Dalls Cowboys. Although Tony Romo and Dez Bryant got injuried, the injury is not the team's biggest problem.

Now Dallas Cowboys has lost four games, it is not possible for the team to run to the playoffs because the team will face stronger opponents in the next games. But the team also needs to solve the problem in the seconed line, if don't, Dallas Cowboys can't go further. By the way, cheap NFL coins are on sale on Welcome!