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The Death of MAX Runager, the Former Punter

[Jul 04 2017 GMT]

It is confirmed by the 49ers on Sunday that the former punter MAX Runager died in his car on a parking lot in South Carolina. The police have ruled out the possibility of murder.



Runager played in the NFL for 11 seasons, and ran over three teams in total. He was drafted out of South Carolina by Philadelphia in the eighth round in 1979. And he joined San Francisco in 1984 after staying in Philadelphia for five years with the Eagles.


Runager played 13 games in Cleveland in 1988, then came back to the Eagles and played 4 games, ending his career.

 Runager finished his career with 661 career punts and a 40.2 yards-per-punt average.

Runager was selected into the South Carolina Sports Hall of Fame in 2007, and entered the Hall of Fame at the University of South Carolina in 2013.

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