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The Crazy Raise of NBA Players Salary Will Continue

[Jul 07 2016 GMT]

After the start of the player market this summer, NBA team owners' momentum of spending money really shocked everyone. Now, if a player does not have a contract of ten million's annual salary, he will be embarrassed to say that he plays in NBA.

However, the bosses' crazy act is really just because of a spur of the moment? The answer is clearly no. The reason why there are so many big contracts coming up in the offseason is closely related to the objective revenue growth.

In accordance with the collective bargaining agreement, the salary cap and luxury tax are both related to BRI. According to the 2011 version of the agreement, the salary cap is 44.74% of the BRI for next season, while the luxury tax is 53.51%. The basketball-related revenue covers income broadcast rights, advertising, related products sale and match tickets.

This summer, $ 24 billion television relay contract goes into effect, which further pushed up the NBA overall level of income. And please buy cheap NBA 2K MT on