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The Chanter the professional PvP analysis

[Apr 27 2016 GMT]

In PvP, dharma star mainly relies on melee physical attacks. Because no skills can shorten the distance against, against long distance attack ability is weak. When fighting and good at a distance of the Chanter the main take 1 to 1 pk mode, while self treatment, side close to the enemy and cast combos. Dharma star in PvP battle with many weak links.

In the camp, the custodian of the vision of the star can not only Chanter poor defense force behind the other professions, and treatment of only able to use words, and ruled and sword star career together from the front. In the fort, the star role to Chanterthe is considered to be a guard backbone of lower back..

Lack of patience, there is no perseverance to overcome their own players, still had better not choose Chanter as an occupation. Choose protectors of Chanter players will often face compare with other professions. Due to the nature of the versatile Chanter, make its in lethality than pure damage output is professional, than pure therapeutic role in treatment. The Chanter the versatile features are likely to be inadvertently by the player abandon the disadvantages of it. So, for the Chanter the various aspects ability players require too high, I'm afraid not suits to choose the Chanter this career.

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