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The Chanter the form of all kinds of games

[Apr 26 2016 GMT]

Single: dharma star with single ability stronger than Cleric. But its still hunting speed greatly lagged behind the other professions, but familiar with Cleric skill will help Chanter on sustainable hunting time than any other profession, to a certain extent make up for the defect of hunting on speed.

Timely use of words, will help to guide the situation to develop in the direction of favourable. Use healing magic, although will slow down, but if used properly, Chanter that can possibly others to hunting large monster hunting, thereby helping to perform many tasks.

Team and team/forces: in the army, Chanter can flexibly adapt to the player to his be fond of and demand a team group. When a team lack of firepower, the star can be picked up to protect the war clubs, add a strength for the Chanter. When insufficient to cure the healing power of the Chanter, also can cast treatment at any time to protect the skills and give support. This is the Chanter the biggest advantages and strengths. The Chanter will also gain skills to protect the complementary benefits for team members, this also is the dharma sentiment is nothing less than to cure the main reason for Chanter.

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