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The Celtics More Likely to Get Ray Allen

[Aug 15 2016 GMT]

About the issue of the veteran Ray Allen coming back, there has been recent progress. Currently the Celtics have overtake the Bucks, becoming the first choice of Allen.

In his career, Ray Allen had played for both the Celtics and the Bucks. Therefore, he is quite familiar with the two teams. Ray Allen is trying to return because he did not want to see Curry continue to challenge and break his NBA three-point record. Moreover, Curry has been identified as the world's best shooter, which he refused to accept.

Over the past two years, the Celtics has got into the playoffs, and in the summer they also introduced an inside with superior fighting force, Horford. Compared to the Bucks, in terms of depth and experience in the lineup, the Celtics are better. Therefore, joining the Celtics might be more favorable.

In addition, according to, if Ray Allen really returns, he will receive a $ 1.5 million veteran minimum-salary contract. By the way, click here for NBA 2K MT.