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The Celtics Lost at Home

[Apr 17 2017 GMT]

After 9 years, the Celtics once again entered into the playoffs in with the first identity of the Eastern Conference. The first battle was in face of the Bulls, but the Celtics did not play the dominant force.

Although the Celtics is the first in Eastern Conference. However, their strength is not so strong. Rebounds and defenses are two major problems that plague the Celtics. And in today's game, it is two problems led to the team's loss. In the rebounds, the Celtics lost 17 to the Bulls. On the defensive end, they did pretty well in the first half. But in the second half, especially the fourth quarter, they gave the Bulls too many opportunities.

Therefore, they can only helpless to accept such a defeat. They big score 0:1 fell behind, but they also lost advantage at home. In addition to the overall score behind, the team has problems in the rebounds and in the defense for the key players. So the Celtics must work hard to solve.

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