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The Cavaliers Prepared for JR Smith Leaving

[Jul 18 2016 GMT]

Since there is no progress in the issue of the renewal of JR Smith, Cavaliers have been prepared for his leaving. Nick Young, similar with JR Smith at the position and playing style, can be as a substitute to be filled into the lineup.

Cavaliers are still actively retaining JR Smith, but due to limited cap space, they really can not give JR an annual salary of $ 15 million. On the contrary, Nick Young's affordable contract is worth Cleveland's considerations.

From, the cheapest NBA 2K16 MT selling site, Cavaliers are becoming more and more interested in Nick Young. Although his peak period has expired, and he lacks of discipline while playing, if he can join the Cavaliers, maybe his training or attitude will be different under James and Irving's influence. 

Two years ago, JR Smith also lost himself in Knicks. But then he showed incredible potential in the Cavaliers. On the projection of stability, Nick Young perhaps is not as good as JR, but as long as he worked hard enough, he has the ability to provide support to the Cavaliers on the bench.