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The Best Basketball Player in NBA 2K

[Jun 12 2017 GMT]

He is similar to Chris Paul. He has started at small forward and power forward, but he can also play the other three positions and has appeared in the Finals eight times and won three championships. Guess who he is?

Of course, he is Lebron James. Lebron James is so smart that he confuses analysts and basketball simulators. He knows where to defend, he knows where each player attacks ,the man knows what' s happening on the pitch.After the game, Lebron remembered almost every game, the score, the position of each player, and his performance at that moment.

The man is so good that he can only be described by a rating. To win, he turned each NBA 2K team into a competitor, but he couldn' t guarantee one place in the finals, and James could do it for seven years. At least give us 2K, a healthy Lebron, and our team should arrive at the end of the playoffs every time.If you want to learn more, welcome to where you can buy cheap NBA 2K18 MT.