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The Aion fort deep battlefield system

[Feb 14 2016 GMT]

Say first player: can obtain very high amount of EXP; Can collect rare materials;Can obtain rare dragon equipment components; Can be approached by special task; Can obtain an AP (Abyss Point) points (can purchase items within the Abyss); To obtain the deep exclusive unique items; Can obtain the deep exclusive title (senior titles can be used for players to powerful skill)

Besides the guild: guild occupied the fort, rich tax will be entitled for the region. Can promote the association value, placing the union flag on the territory, the fort, ancient artifacts. Senior guild even flag can be placed in the capital.

Lords and between players: every fortress has a certain range, the relationship between the occupiers and the player will have to can coexist in the direction of the "mutually beneficial", if the occupiers dictatorship and reduced the other players to come to the will of the territory, the Lord will not be able to get enough tax system points to keep the fort even works. If the Lord can take care of within the territory patronage of players, so players can through the solutions of the task within the territory and hunting, and the interaction between with NPC help Lord increase tax revenues.

Aion Players enter the territory activities - fort income increase - Lord share resources to have more resources to attract players, players - fort income increases

Aion Players enter the territory activities - fort tax income increase and dictatorship not share - domain resources less - players less income left - fort resources reduce bankruptcy.

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