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The Aion abyss battlefield system is analyzed

[Feb 05 2016 GMT]

Abyss of terrain is similar to the one as shown in the figure, can imagine him as a big 3 d space, floating in a lot of ground, Aion players are in the whole region free flight, but the flight time is limit, so whether the air or on the island, all can fight. Have multiple sets of fort to appear in the abyss. Every fortress has the scope of the domination of certain territorial sovereignty. Fort siege air-ground comprehensive combat the 3 d pattern. Unpredictable dragon raid and fortress in the outcome of the war.Fortress defense force field can block weaken the attack from the air.

Vacuum fog is a kind of regulating battle open and break a system mechanism, will not allow the siege mist as they appear. This mechanism trigger PVP bitter degrees according to the region, if monty can appear when two RACES too fierce fighting. When the fog appeared, the line of sight of Aion players will be blocked, nor to attacks on enemy players, or even an enemy NPCS, this function is mainly used for preventing excessive PVP happens, to produce a safe zone in the abyss, let both sides have the time to prepare the next battle again.

Ancient artifact is a kind of mysterious force is a rich source of the eternal tower to pieces, the eternal tower collapse when drawn into the abyss, with scattered on the empty island. Said the function of these artifacts have a lot of kinds, simple is a kind of map weapon, after artificial operation effect can affect a wide range of areas, or even reverse the game. Have the ability to impact on the whole map. Can open many siege of special skills.

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