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The Aion Ranger profession introduction

[Apr 12 2016 GMT]

If close against assassins to Assassin, then a distance the assassin is Ranger. Ranger although cannot stealth, but it can have first system attacks from the enemy out of sight of a huge advantage. In fact, if the Ranger can peg an object launch a surprise attack, they will be stronger than Assassin, more efficient assassins. Ranger players need to what kind of quality?

Ranger in addition and the ability to Assassin need to quickly determine situation, also need to grasp and object distance, look around the monsters and its distribution of a wide field of vision. Because they fit to attack at a distance, so must try to keep distance with the enemy. Always do to prepare, in melee combat when rapidly slowing the enemy's movement speed, or use the skills of bound feet.

Recommend to such games style of player. The joy of the game of the role of control in network game players, suits to choose Ranger as an occupation. A variety of skills of flexible application itself, let the enemy into a weak ranger, can make you feel truly professional role in manipulation.

Not suitable for this kind of style of player. Ranger and kill stars and the star is AION is the most difficult operation of profession, therefore not suitable for players don't like the complicated operation. Because at the time of ordinary hunting monsters must be more careful than any other class, so don't like to hunt for very tired players, we do not recommend this career choice. The Aion Ranger than other online games have pet long-range attack, if you want to comfortably hunting, would be a mistake.

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