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The Aion Knignt professional introduction

[Apr 05 2016 GMT]

The Aion is the strongest professional Knignt. In heavy metal armour, armed with a one-handed weapon and shield Knignt, is the profession of charge in the forefront of the fighting. Knignt game style and the "meat shield" tasks to other games. Can attack speed although slower, but the advantage is with excellent physical unhurriedly hunting. Team/unit in the game, usually attract the attention of the monster, protect players.

Knignt players need to what kind of quality? If you are determined to be a Knignt, the first thing you need to have superhuman patience and lead the peer leadership. Single during the game, need to have overcome hunting a slower speed and upgrade of patience. In multiplayer, because often stand in the front of the team, so need to have control over his companions of state and the ability to command and companion. Please don't forget, and professional ability, compared to the player's own ability to determine whether or not you can become an excellent guardian star.

Recommended to such style of game players. If you are a legion of head, or in the middle of the play with friends has higher leadership, that this career is suitable for you. Although this profession looks a bit rigid, but if you like fighting in the front, or a more broad vision, should be easy to do.

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