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The Aion Assassin strategy

[Feb 26 2016 GMT]

1, first kill big kill danger after little danger

2, after the first good kill kill kill difficult to kill

3, can kill and kill cannot hide

Assassin warrior is assassin is not from the front, to know to survive. Assassin means of attack is strong seconds or control. Strong second, mainly including bows, cloth armor, guns, and so on, this according to your own BUFF have CD or even the number of the enemy. Want strong second enemy in the crowd, should make full use of dark out and blood pressure, routine including BUFF beast grain appearance, avoid contract rashly and follow-up after surprise dark shadow falls, etc, hands open to avoid the main function is to resist the enemy when beast grain output control.

Why want to advance with the follow-up to surprise, because little dizzy don't trigger equilibrium can guarantee dark shadow falls hit dizzy, also can increase the damage. When you finish the output surprise avoidance was almost broken, dark at this time, may from time to add the shadow falls skills such as strong second.

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