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The AION instructions about players

[Jan 22 2016 GMT]

The AION interaction between players with time, environment and other players, from small ways, will bring greater rewards to the player himself or get a new task; Big, you can create a new underground city and even the new world. The AION player to change the world, all the players are able to do a new adventure, in the new adventure, AION players will and the integration of the game world and create a new change.

The abyss of combination of heaven and the underworld, besides life-and-death RvR, the formation of a power struggle in the same camp to skirmish is experience the moment did not dare to relax the tension. Appeared in the form of so far have not experienced a monster, and the change of organic surroundings will open a new chapter in PvE. AION player to actively provide not only the combination of PvP and PvE PvPvE space, more the reward system and emotional changes, the combination of players would like to create a perfect PvPvE.

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