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The AION Krall race is introduced

[Jan 25 2016 GMT]

Krall clan of distribution in the atlas, one of the all areas of the human race. Have stronger than human strength and the strength, unique belligerence and intrepid conquered near the beast and race. Days of Krall race with powerful strength to conquer the weak ethnic (Brownie), and take them to do slaves, slaves of the main work is to collect and heavy physical labor. Can I see a lot of in the field of Krall clan of the distribution of (Brownie) in mining,

Them to dig the evil stone to enhance its own strength, don't offer all make slaves of the daily mining work, every night than DE ba, splendid civilization, Krall culture can be said to be worthless. But they also have a good management system, for example: slave monitoring pipe, scouts and fighters. There are spells and so on. also offer all kinds Aion Gold .