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The AION Knignt equipment selection analysis

[Mar 09 2016 GMT]

Knignt, the most suitable equipment is always OBS, dark set of copy, copy of 48 sets, for other professions, can wear, and OBS, gap not too big, but for ruled this occupation, a copy of the set of gap and OBS, not a packet, blamed on the shoulder, gloves and shoes, are all can be done without brush OBS (shoulder and gloves is himself deep play fortress soldiers return) don't want to brush, can go deep play fortress, although tired, but there are OBS and dragon materials can be obtained, although almost constantly have opposing racial harassment, but a strange, PK, also very nice, isn't it?

48 sets of copy, parrying, physical defense, is also a good choice, but the biggest flaw is the hole and the PC to reduce injuries, it's set of five pieces together, have resentment growth properties, under a copy of the first set, but, don't put together a set of, can be said to be a pile of scrap metal, property is very poor, jewelry, preferred condemned, earring, ring, also can play fort soldiers, with PC increase injury, magic resistance is also very good, don't want to brush of the fortress, of course, a copy of the dark set of jewelry is also a good choice, weapons, 1.5 long sword is badly weakened, the punishment of dark before critical 2200 + is very normal, can out of a 1700 good, now in the crit damage ratio and a hammer are nearly the same, what is the reason to choose a sword?

So 1.5 first hammer, the dragon will hammer, hammer is better than that of red, is because of the scale, may look not to come out in ordinary times, but with 3 even the fiercest, not expansion, under 3 each other often ran, telescopic hammer does not exist, this situation and the dragon will hammer, property is better than red hammer, telescopic + property advantages, how to also increase 6% than that of PC is better.

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