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The AION Fighter profession introduction

[Apr 07 2016 GMT]

The AION are very good at using weapons career, to Fighter. At the same time they also equipped with metal armor, so melee battle for them without any difficulty. Has excellent attack, flexible response capacity and high viability of Fighter, their presence can be shown in any position.

Fighter players need to what kind of quality? When using Fighter, often in the face of demands quality of multiplayer games. Needs and ruled as protective member's wide field of vision, also need a magnificent and Assassin as operation ability. Fighter as a matter of fact is between the shield and damage output between the second meat shield, if do not have the quality of multiplayer games, it becomes this also not that also is not a dispensable role.

Recommend to such games style of player. Recommend hope the single-player game, hope to have the certain circumstance coping skills of players to choose this profession. If you want to choose to fight in the front, through the efforts can play in any position ability of professional, then Fighter is best for your career.

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