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The AION Cleric profession introduction

[Apr 20 2016 GMT]

The main cure is the AION in the game the healer. If you can equipped with the appropriate equipment, according to different situations in any single person, team, or PvP can types of games. Cleric in all cases of tasks are very clear, that is to play the role of the main treatment, undertake the task of gain, treatment, and the resurrection. Cleric players need to what kind of quality?

To Cleric, the most important ability includes two aspects, one is the ability to adjust opposing values (aggro), 2 it is to get mana abilities. For a team game, but cure star, a necessary condition for survival to aggro adjust good, and the necessary condition to save a team member is to get mana abilities. Recommend to such games style of player.

Like to talk to other players in the game, like a team game, eager to get out of the game by helping others satisfaction, don't like alone in front of the charge and other types of players, suit to choose Cleric as an occupation.

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