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The AION Chanter the professional analysis

[Apr 25 2016 GMT]

If Cleric is to focus on career of healing, so the Chanter is to the focus on the gain of the profession. As a generalist, the Chanter has a stronger than Cleric to protect the ability of hunting and prophecy class type continuous gain skills. Is the AION, the most versatile role, in any place will stand out. The Chanter the players need to what kind of quality?

To choose the Chanter players, to protect the most important is to be able to give full play to the Chanter versatile characteristics. Players need to clear, healing, damage, and gain skills, etc., is not a Chanter the ability from the start. Only often view the prophecy, in view of the situation is equipped with the appropriate equipment, accurately grasp the timing of the play and treatment, is taken as a first step to becoming a good star to Chanter.

Recommend to such games style of player. For what are players who want to try out ', dharma star is a good choice. Single in terms of ability, and the Chanter the ability of course than those focused on a career direction. However, if you have confidence through comprehensive ability to make up for the defect of this respect, believe that you should not regret his chose dharma star.

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