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Thank Gisele Bundchen for Her Consideration

[Nov 26 2015 GMT]

According to the latest news from that Tom Brady seemed to get a lot of impact on Monday night. His wife Gisele Bundchen looked worried. But she has always been concerned about her husband's health, rather than the game results.

This is the 16th year in Tom Brady's career. After leading the University of Michigan Wolverines team won Orange Bowl, one of the four NCAA tournaments in 1999, as the quarterback of Patriots, he led the team win four Super Bowl titles and two runner-up. During his 6-years marrage, Gisele Bundchen has always worried that he might be injured. Till now she begins to be against his participating in the competition.

After all, this is a high-risk sport, and Tom Brady is becoming older and older. Luckily he has now been in the twilight of his career, Gisele Bundchen can now rest a bit easier. Nflcoins thank Brady that he has brought us a lot of exciting games. Also thank his wife Gisele Bundchen for her preliminary support for her husband's career and the continuous concern and understanding.

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