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Terry Returns to the Celtics

[Jul 21 2016 GMT]

Poor Terry was told by the Rockets that he was not in the future plan of the team. Getting Andersen and Gordon, losing Howard and Jones. Seems like that's not the end.

In the past two seasons, Terry mainly served as the backup guard. Although 39 years old, he can still help the team a lot. And in the 2014-2015 season, he was the key part for the team to get into the Western finals.

From the current situation, on the guard line, the Rockets have Hardenm, Beverley, Gordon and so on. If Terry stays, he can hardly get any chance. But it doesn't mean he has no ball to play as the Celtics guard Thomas once suggested that the Celtics should get players like Terry.

Maybe it's a good choice if Terry goes to the Celtics. Actually, he served there in 2012-2013 season and he could averagely contribute 10.1 pints, 2 rebounds and 2.5 assists. And by the way, click here to go to to buy cheap NBA 2K MT.