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Temporary Cover FIFA 16 open to the public

[Aug 13 2015 GMT]

Today FIFA 16 announced the temporary cover of the game, is still Messi, but missed only one back, this time to join the women's football, I do not know and so will not be replaced on an official cover female players.

The annual "FIFA 16" series of games "FIFA 16" finally officially announced last week, this work will have a series of great change, such as more smooth sense of control, women's football to join, let this New Year appears with the public different, is now the official also disclosed earlier temporary cover of the game.

Temporary one for the cover is still on the cover of Lionel Messi, back on the player thumbs up, a hegemony temperament. Although still served by a cover of Lionel Messi, I do not know when the game officially on sale will be subject to change.

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