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Tell You How To Collect FF 14 Gil

[Jul 10 2017 GMT]

How To Collect FF 14 Gil - The Level Phase
The currency is 14 in literally around on the street in Final Fantasy. With the collecting professions you are able to override this in the form of elemental shards, wood, ore and other raw materials, and then to bring to the man at the auction house.

During the Level phase you have the chance to clear profit from the collection professions and to increase this still steadily in the level. So you can use it doubly efficient your time invested.

It is important that you do consciously in each level range you which raw materials a good price on the market board. In general, these are the most basic timber or minerals, but this is not always the case. Here, the prices can greatly from server to server (and sometimes on different weekdays) differ. If possible, you should always try to break down the raw materials in HQ-quality because it so a much higher price on the market board will receive.

Up to level 15, however, a different approach should be selected: As the raw materials can all be purchased at the NSC should here, ye concentrate fully on the elemental shards (water, fire, earth, air, ice and lightning). Also in higher levels areas these shards can be a good source of income, but they are as good as any grant more experience points.

How To Collect FF 14 Gil - The Endgame

Did you once achieved with your collection professions level 50, you should make every effort to reduce the high-quality, hidden collection. How do you tackle the problem, learn it in this guide . Are you equipped well enough you can you at this table are based, which are collection points at which in-game time to reach.

The trick is to find a good rotation, so that you are always on the move and do not miss any of the rare collection points as possible. In addition to the raw materials themselves, it is the polycrystals to you should keep an eye here. provide just the collection points in Mor Dhona you so (depending on the server price) to the 8000-9000 FFXIV Gil per pass. As in the phase level also, you should always keep in mind the market prices, so that you can concentrate on the most valuable products.

Especially recommended for well-equipped collectors are the various humus varieties, which are required by the liberal societies for horticulture. Although you can reduce these only one hour, but just the Thanalan humus III, which is absolutely required for new plants intersections achieved depending on the time of day soon a value from 30000 to 40000  FFXIV Gil each.