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Teddy Bridgewater May Return to Minnesota Vikings Soon

[Nov 10 2015 GMT]

Minnesota Vikings quarterback Teddy Bridgewater may return recently. The head coach Mike Zimmer hopes that Teddy Bridgewater can return to the team as soon as possible. He also reveals Bridgewater has passed the first stage of the test and he may play in the next game.

It seems that Mike Zimmer has high expectation for Bridgewater. Teddy Bridgewater gets hurt in the game between Minnesota Vikings and St. Louis Rams. He is hit by St. Louis Rams safety Lamarcus Joyner which causes a concussion. Maybe after Teddy Bridgewater comes back,Vikings will have better performances.

Now Minnesota Vikings has outstanding performances and ranks first in the National League North table. However, it is not easy for the team to win in the next games. Vikings will face Green Bay Packers, Atlanta Falcons, Seattle Seahawks and Arizona Cardinals. The four teams are all powerful competitors. It is very important for Vikings to play well in the next games because the results will decide whether the team can march into the playoffs.

Let's wait and see the team's performances on, more related news and cheap NFL coins can be found here.