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Super Bowl MVP Joe Namath

[Dec 09 2015 GMT]

Joe Namath is a legendary NFL player and show business star, perhaps his even more resounding name of the first was called the Broadway Joe. We can see that how much he loves New York nightlife. It is just a joke from

Back to a few things in his career, Namath was born in March, 1949 in the city of Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania. He entered the University of Alabama in 1962, played under the marshal Paul Bryant. In 1965 he decided to devote himself to professional field. In that year's Draft, NFL's St. Louis Cardinals and the AFL's New York Jets also selected him.

We must thank Namath, if not he led the team to win this victory, NFL and AFL merged hope may come to naught, that we will not see so many brilliant races today. He is not only a great quarterback, but is an immortal monument in sports history. Enjoy the Cheap NFL coins here now.