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Success is Always Accompanied by Suffering

[May 12 2017 GMT]

Recently, Chelsea coach Conti said that success is always accompanied by suffering in the road, the team  is also difficult to progress in the difficult game in this season. It is a very common thing to experience pain. When you work hard and he has never seen any player in the effort of the process has not been suffering.

At the beginning of the season Chelea made three straight, but coach Conti was not calm, he did not see what he wanted to see. After losing the big score to Arsenal, Conti realized that they needed all the changes in technical and tactical tactics and found the right solution. They needed to improve our work and change tactics. In fact, the team in a game after another continuous improvementand gain more confidence.

Chelsea have a chance now, because Tottenham lost to the West Ham on Friday and then get a victory will be able to get ahead of the championship for them. So they take the task is to take 3 points now, otherwise they must fight to the end.

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