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Story of the Ancients

[Aug 18 2017 GMT]

    Mysterious monsters have invaded Atreia by means of a rift in time. The Ancient King Ramsus and his wife, Queen Shepsut, hope that you are able to return them back to wherever they belong. Hefty prizes and EXP rewards open tender for helping the Ancient royalty go back to their time.

    Tips on how to Participate:

    Ramsus is worried that the monsters that accompanied him through the rift will cause good harm for the Daevas in Atreia, and has asked for your assistance in capturing their spirits in Ancient Shards so they are often sealed away the moment far more.

    Ramsus, Shepsut, and Shuphinx can all be found in the capital cities, and they all offer you a variety of quests that will reward you. Ramsus who is the Ancient King offers a repeatable quest; in exchange for (one) Ancient Shard, and Rasmus provides you with an Ancient Relic which is a box containing several prizes. Shepsut’s wife features two quests for you personally, which grant EXP in exchange for your Ancient Shards. Eventually, Shuphinx delivers a different two quests.

    For 15 Ancient Shards, you'll be able to exchange them for a single Ancient Insignia. One Insignia might be bought every day from Shuphinx. In case you gather 14 Ancient Insignias, you'll be able to flip them in to Shuphinx for any Divine Relic, which has precious items. Shuphinx also provides a weekly quest that grants 3 mysterious puzzle boxes. Defeating several Instance bosses will give you the keys demanded to solve the puzzles, which will grant an Ancient Shard plus a random Puzzle Box or prize bundle. You can also earn one Crucial Bundle each thirty minutes up to six every day.

    Every day from 7PM until 9PM server time, the evil Yanubis will show up with his minions in Norsvold and Iluma. Yanubis will give gamers an Ancient Shard and experience when defeated. Yanubis will respawn periodically through his spawn period.

     By completing dungeons, Ancient Shards can also be discovered. Added Ancient Shards and Ancient Keys are often purchased through the retailer.

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