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Stonevale in Celtic Heros

[Jun 28 2017 GMT]

Stonevale is the hardest area currently implemented and is destined for players over level 50. The levels of its monsters range from 53 to 105. More information is on where you can buy Celtic Heroes Gold.

There are 3 Leystones in this area, Stonevale Farm, Northern Road and Southern Road. There are 2 medium bosses, Guzzletusk and the Faerie Queen who are located in the swamps respectively next to the Northern Road and Southern Road.

There are also 5 hard bosses that drop 3 items. These 5 bosses have mini-bosses that only drop 1 Disc Fragment Charfire, Crystalmist, Shimmerspell, Crumblehorn, and Brutus Bloodbinder. The Otherworld in the new update of Celtic Heroes there are plans for a new area called the Otherworld. If you play the game you may have heard it mentioned during the Christmas patch by some of the faeries, or elsewhere.