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Stephen Tulloch Will Choose to Retire

[Apr 19 2017 GMT]

Stephen Tulloch will leave the professional stadium. The 32-year-old linebacker plans to retire after the 11th season of the NFL campaign. During this period he played for Tennessee Titans, Detroit Lions and Philadelphia Eagles.

Tulloch has not missed a game in the first eight seasons of his career. In the fourth round of the 2006 draft he was selected by Titans, then he had outstanding performance. Tulloch then played for the Lions from 2011 to 2015, and last season he spent his last season in the Eagles.

Tulloch, who is considered a grappling machine, ranked first in the team for six seasons and helped the Titans and Lions get rare playoff opportunities in recent years. In the fan group the active Tulloch completed a lot of players' dream career. But when he ends the days ofstarting lineline, it means he choses to retire into the next stage of life.

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