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Stephen Tulloch Was Fired

[Jul 06 2016 GMT]

After being informed he was not in the plan in 2016 season of the team, linebacker Stephen Tulloch was fired by the Detroit Lions. More information is on where you can buy cheap NFL 16 Coins.

According to mmocart reported Tulloch underwent surgery in offseason for unknown reasons, and he didn't pass the physical examination until this day he was fired. If the Lions fired him early in offseason, they needed to take more salary cap space loss. Earlier in February the team he told that he would be laid off, until now the Lions officially made a decision. Tulloch did not participate in any offseason training.

31-year-old Tulloch last season ranked first in the team with 107 tackles. Before cruciate ligament in the knee in 2014 he used to be one of players who had the most playing time. In addition to 2014 season, since 2009 season, he can achieve more than 100 tackles each season.