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[Feb 20 2017 GMT]

The NBA all star weekend today staged race contest, Thompson was good, with 12 points, 5 assists, 9 in the 5 campaign, the three ball 6 in 2, the final 192-182 team won the victory in the west.

In the three point contest yesterday on Buy NBA 2K17 MT Thompson as the defending champion actually was eliminated in the first round, only a score of 18, one of the strongest pitcher for the active Thompson is obviously a failure. Today, however, he has a chance to prove himself.

Sure enough, the first substitute, Thompson immediately opened fire, just play on the ball hit a record 3 points, it seems that "real" let him relax. In terms of passing, although Thompson is not very good, but also know how to share, in his assists, the distance between the small Gasol easily hit.

The second quarter is the main starting point of the confrontation between the two sides, Thompson became the most stable scoring points on the West team. Don't look at him outside God, on this occasion, did not play a few dunks how the nerve to say that they are all stars? In the wave of attack, downcourt space, Thompson after the ball quite easily to an alley OOP dunks with both hands! This is absolutely rare in the usual warrior's game.