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Sorcerer forms of all kinds of game

[Apr 15 2016 GMT]

1. Single: The Sorcerer of each skill is very strong, so in 1:1 hunting, and can Assassin hunting with the fastest speed as well. In practice the fastest single career to the Sorcerer and Assassin, Assassin because, of course, by killing superpowers) Sorcerer, as long as there is enough of the spirit, can more quickly than any professional upgrade. The number of monsters in beta, as long as it can hunt enough, Sorcerer is the highest ranked professional inevitably.

2. Team/forces: In a team game, and forces the Sorcerer outside strong damage output, also play an important the role of hypnosis. Sorcerer has the most hypnotic skills, can let each other into a deep sleep, or become trees, therefore plays a very important role in a team game. Sorcerer charm of the profession, is to make the status of the unrest, and under the condition of stable output power.

3. The PvP/fortress: in PvP, Sorcerer in order to survive, must spare no effort to use the skills. It is best to grasp the other side of the situation as soon as possible, by hypnotic skills pressing each other to win time and then leave each other in a certain distance of a safe place to use to cast skills. Due to the magic star is defense minimum of occupation, is thought to have been killed in the blink of an eye. On the contrary, it is also possible to the speed of the crackle, quickly reversed the game. But before that, please remember this is a request to the profession has a deep understanding and strong control ability of profession.

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