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Some key technologies about Assassin

[Mar 03 2016 GMT]

1: card fast cut

This is a general, Assassin of a lot of skills can card, such as distance, animals, etc. Specific means is leaning moment according to the skills jumped up on the ground. Cs, estimated distance takeoff, fast cut, distance, dark, and even on the back. People have the reaction time, generally when he come, basic is the controlled state has belongs to. When being surprised by half a set of even death probability is very big. I want to talk about why I'm here with distance. When no attack rate weapon, dark after chain pattern and the beast, when to pick up empty detonation, the other is a reaction time gap, while using distance often don't have this situation, such as only a small probability to Assassin can be avoided.

2: card knife

Specific measure is at the instant of the skills when connect the general cut according to the skills. This is version 1.2 must master the technology. Especially with the speed of attack weapons and fast card knife after the contract is used more frequently. Now I also use distance, a large part of the knife is because the card, because with the distance as long as the two kick after dark on vertigo can pick up empty yucca knife give me enough time.

3: the effect of the skill of time.

To clear their own attack rate in each after the stun effect can connect several recruit, empty, whirlwind, fight back, grain appearance explosion, paralysis, time is different, with its own weapons attack rate, speed button you want to know about Aion Gold , it is necessary to have more practice. To do natural response, began to estimate is too late.