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Some Tips for Playing Basketball

[Jun 06 2017 GMT]

Many people know that when defense, they need to open their arms. But it isn't enough. They also need to prevent the opponent's passing and shooting. And if they just open arms, don't pay attention to the upper and lower wave of arms and interference, their defense will fail.

Do not bend when offensive and defensive. Many players like to bend when playing, which is a very dangerous habit. Because when they bend, the waist is very fragile. It can be hurt. They can bend their back, but can not bend waist. In addition, it will make they tired when they always bend their waist, which is very prone to fatigue.

Learn some defensive skills. Many players don't know how to do when face a strong man. In addition to their own strength, adequate defense skills is also a problem. So they have to rely on their lower limbs, even if they stretched out their arms, if opponent is very powerful, they also can not resist. Then they need to apply lunge. It can help them.

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