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Some Tips for Defensive

[Apr 28 2017 GMT]

As we all know, defensive and offensive are very important in NBA 2K17. So today we 2kvc, a professional 2K17 MT selling site, want to talk something about defensive.

When opponent player who holding the ball intend to pass the ball, you need to press B key to allow the defensive player to raise his hand to block.

It is recommended to get the ball from the bottom to up. If far away from the direction of the dribble, it is blocked;  In fact, the difficulty of stealing the ball is still relatively large, the proposal is only to clamp the other side to hinder their hands or slow down their passing, breaking the speed.

With a plug to deal with crotch dribbling, or the proposal is close and hold down B key, if close enough, you will have the opportunity to let them make mistakes and lose the ball.