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Some Tips About Playing Aion

[Sep 13 2017 GMT]

1, poison dragon skin crisp, attack damage value between 6000-9000, belonging to the magic attack.

2, fire dragon skin hard, attack damage value between 3000-5000, are generally about 3500, are physical attacks.

3, so we choose to protect the law to kill the stars to kill the first dragon to kill the dragon, the remaining one dps output fire dragon, to report the disaster as the main task of sparks.

Three dps will be the blood of the dragon to only about 20%, the main T stay poisonous poisonous poisoning, the remaining two dps to output fire dragon, during the recovery is essential. So that both sides are left with a trace of blood, and no more than two on the ground when the fire ring, you can seconds off two dragons.

4, disaster sparks 30 seconds once, venom erupted once a minute, the second stage of the catastrophe in the boss group before the storm about 2 seconds out. boss group fear 30s once, you can use the card time card.

5, the giant npc blood off half will not read the protective ring, and out of the protection circle and mobs have not knocked off the relationship, but the mobs appear 30s after the death of small mobs will read group paralysis.

So we choose to let law enforcement in the back of the output of mobs, law enforcement to destroy the number of blood does not matter, because the fear of fear when the other three dps will come back in advance, when the way back to the output of mobs, no pressure, our side is generally killed Do this live

6, when the boss read the fear when all the people to the circle to avoid, but pay attention to stand a little scattered, so you can try to avoid boss boss attack

7, disaster sparks We choose to put the left rear of the map, and the giant out of the protective ring a small part of the border position, so even if the fear was named, can not protect the circle and detoxification or loops.

8, we choose to play the first poison dragon, because the poisonous dragon damage, so the three dps to try to pull the dragon's hatred, reduce the damage to the treatment, restore the block is essential, and then when the second phase of the two brothers before the second , We must do a good job of blood pressure preparation, burst can have, try to destroy the middle of the dragon half blood.

9, like a dance to repeat a repetition of the same dance, repeat the action according to the beat put the skills on the line - the fault tolerance is really low, but no matter what the problem, the first can not panic, the spark is still reported sparks, reported Venom is still reported venom, the Division of their duties, these two absolutely can not be chaos.

The second is to have a long war patience, because to run around so the output environment is not good, resulting in fb too long. More information and cheap Aion Kinah are on