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Some Madden 19 Predictions as An additional NFL Season Comes to a Close

[Feb 02 2018 GMT]

This was largely a productive year for Madden. EA was in a position to produce a fairly smooth transition towards the Frostbite Engine. They implemented FIFA's common Weekend Leagues in Ultimate Team Madden Coins, and above all, introduced Longshot a new story mode that earned a Writer's Guild nomination. That is on prime on the usual gameplay tweaks the line play is actually exceptional this year and smaller additions just like the capability to play reside games.

It really is not a stretch to say that Madden is the strongest game in EA's sports portfolio appropriate now, specially with FIFA's recent decline. As I've stated just before, we're properly past the terrible old days on the early 2010s.

But as constantly, there are plenty of regions in which Madden can enhance. We will not know what EA has up its sleeve till E3, but we can still make a handful of reasonable predictions relating to what might be addressed in the new year. Here's what I am expecting to determine in Madden 19.

A Franchise Mode Overhaul
Fans happen to be crying out for this due to the fact at the very least Madden 25. EA has created lots of improvements to franchise mode inside the previous year, however it nevertheless lags behind most other sports sims. Even NHL is better now.

NBA 2K and NHL have laid out the blueprint for what a productive franchise mode should really look like in 2018: a completely customizable mode in which you are able to develop your own personal teams and location them exactly where you see match. As often, the far more control you give players, the happier they're going to be. And Madden's franchise delivers the least control of any key sports sim.

If EA cannot introduce player-created teams, then it might least take a crack at improving Owner Mode. I've been banging this drum for what seems like forever now, but Owner Mode is both broken and totally divorced in the actual realities of being an owner inside the NFL. Worse, it is a required evil if you want to move your group to a different city.

One issue EA shouldn't alter is on line franchise. Madden has had certainly one of the best on the net franchise modes in gaming due to the fact 2013, and EA shouldn't mess with that. But in most other respects, it's time for EA to take a challenging look at generating franchise mode extra engaging and meaningful. If nothing at all else, a strong incentive to play beyond the Super Bowl will be good.

In any case, fans have been vocal sufficient that I'd be pretty shocked if EA passed on franchise mode improvements again this year. We're going to view anything. It really is just a question of what.

No Switch Version for Madden 19
I would be pretty surprised if Madden NFL came out around the Switch.

EA dipped a toe inside the water with FIFA last year, but otherwise it appears content material to take a "wait and see" method, even because the Switch continues to break sales records.

Certainly one of the primary components working against Madden 19 around the Switch is its use from the Frostbite Engine. EA's proprietary engine is not specifically scalable, which can be one of the main factors that FIFA 18 for the Switch stuck having a modified version on the Ignite Engine. It looked fine, however it nevertheless invited unfavorable comparisons to NBA 2K, which was more of a straight port.

Moreover, Ultimate Team will not be an awesome fit to get a transportable console like the Switch, which can be exactly where EA makes the majority of its cash. Ultimate Group was a ghost town when FIFA launched on the console final year. That will make it tougher to produce a case for the method in 2018.

Finally, EA is apt to bear in mind its expertise with the Wii, exactly where it struggled to achieve traction in spite of producing a huge work to tailor its sports games towards the console's limitations. It might simply choose that the demographics usually are not in its favor and keep away from devoting the sources essential to put Madden on the Switch.

So although FIFA(FIFA Coins) might nicely return for the Switch in 2018, I doubt that the rest of EA's sports portfolio will stick to it. But if Madden does make a surprise appearance around the Switch, it could say an incredible deal about EA's opinion of the program going forward.