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Some Basic Knowledge About Center

[Jun 06 2017 GMT]

Center is a central figure in the team with strong and tall body. Whether offensive or defensive, they are the team's hub button, so they named as center. The ability of grabbing rebound is essential to center. Block is also necessary. Center should have a good ability to guide the ball, and they can pass the ball to a more suitable location to help their teammates score points. These are the basic skills that a center should has.

Of course, scoring is also important to center. They score points mainly in the inside. Their hitting rate is more higher than that of the big striker. A good center must be versatile, they not only have enough skill to score points when attack, but also become the 2k16 team's last barrier when defense. The center would also be able to cooperate with their 2k16 teammates and timely substitute for them.

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