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Some Analysis to The Warriors

[Aug 16 2016 GMT]

Whether the Warriors is really invincible after getting Durant? Godofu said they are likely to repeat the tragedy of the Lakers in the 2012-13 season. More related news is on where you can buy 2K16 MT.

First, in order to sign Durant the Warriors sacrificed the team's depth, they had to let Bogut, Harrison Barnes, Ezeli, Barbosa and Speights go. These players are important factors of success of last season.

Secondly, their shoot distribution is a problem. Durant is a scorer, he needs the ball. With Durant joined, the Splash Brothers need to make sacrifices in shooting, while Thompson is unwilling to do so.

The third issue is the degree of integration of personality. Curry, Thompson and Green has adapted to each other. Whether Durant fit with the Warriors or not is a question.