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Shooting Bar and Street In 2K18 MT

[Oct 30 2017 GMT]

"Changed, changed again," 2K each year makes effort in the shooting bar with full time. Just like a US mobile phone maker racked their brains to remove the headset hole. 2K has always wanted to reasonably remove the shooting bar, perhaps hopes that the game screen is more biased in real because the shooting bar is really notbeautiful.

2K17 combined shooting bar into the aperture under the players so that many players in the game paid more attention on the players in the their footsteps. This time it return back to the player's head position.

But the shoting bar changed into something like a white horn. But it is too mini. If you play witha more than 40 inches TV, you may have to wear glasses to play.

Like the previous shooting bar, after the bar is full, and then shot. When the shot bar changed into green, is the best time to shoot. Layup, dunk will appear shooting . But when layup and burst, rush into the heap, you basically can not see clearly Shooting bar.

Raised his hands in the long shot is good, mobile layup, dunk on the issue. So we recommend that you pay attention to layup, dunk when raising the pace and move the pace. The best way is to wait for the game patch. The previous generation should be in the sale after the third update patch to fix the problem of the shooting bar.

The MC mode has been integrated with the street park. 2K18 added in the streets to form a virtual community, so that the interaction between players and players will be strengthened. Players finally do not have one by one by adding friends, so that they come to appreciate your clothes. Team also became convenient, you can meet together in the street, and then go to all kinds of arena.

Speaking of all kinds of arena, and now it also added the raid field, no regular stadium, amateur mixed race. These new stadium is a good choice, but now playing these games players are few.

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