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Shaq and Kobe Will Work Together Again

[May 09 2017 GMT]

O'Neill and Kobe Bryant once again to be partners after many years. We can see them at NBA 2K game's latest advertisements, not on the pitch.

Recently, O'Neill officially became the NBA 2K18 legendary version of the cover characters, and shooting a new advertisement. The biggest highlight of advertising is to promote OK combination again.

In advertising, O'Neill stood on the stage watching the word utensil and made some thanks, he thanked the parents and basketball career coach.  But most of all,  O'Neill  want to thanks  for his partner Kobe Bryant. Kobe is a great and handsome player with clean and white teeth.

At this moment, Kobe is typing on the corner and giving a smile to O'Neill. In fact, the manuscript on the word is written by Kobe Bryant. Moreover, you can read more news about NBA 2K18 news on, we also offer you  NBA 2K18 MT.