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Shalemont Ravine in Celtic Hero

[Jun 26 2017 GMT]

Shalemont Ravine is destined to medium-level players as the levels of the monsters who spawn there are included between 28 and 60. There are 3 Leystones in this area, MacCroin Encampment, Greygorge and Shalemont River.

This area features a medium-hard boss, Atrisal the Invincible, who gives 3 drops to the group that kills it; The drop may be either an Ancient item or a Golden Ingot also red book bindings or red book cover used in the assassinate quest for rogues, which can be used in the Meteoric weapon quest, along with a significant amount of gold.

Also, Shalemont includes the popular quest, The Defector; 13 mini-bosses spawn in the area and may drop rare items.

Two extra secondary zones are going to be added in this area, and will be located at the castle at Shalemont River, behind Atrisal, and in the cave near Greygorge. More information is on where you can buy Celtic Heroes Gold.