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Seattle Seahawks Signed a New Running Back

[Oct 01 2016 GMT]

C.J. Spiller found a new home in Seattle. The free agent running back agreed to join the Seattle Seahawks. He was fired by New Orleans Saints earlier this month, and now he finally found a new team.

Seahawks suffered injuries in their running back position, so the contract is very reasonable. Spiller scored only 112 yards in rushing the ball last season at the Saints just. That's a big disappointment for Sparler's coach Sean Payton, who spent a lot of effort signing him before the 2015 season. But the Saints never find a real role for Spiller, especially Spiller also suffered a series of injuries.

Spiller has never been closer to the performance of that in 2012, but the Seahawks well handled the problem of running back position. More information is on where you can buy cheap NFL Coins.