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Seattle Seahawks Signed Eddie Lacy

[Mar 15 2017 GMT]

After observing almost all the veterans on the market, Seattle Seahawks decided to sign Eddie Lacy. Seahawks and Lacy only signed a one-year contract worth 5.5 million dollars, including 3 million dollars in full protection.

For the Seahawks, it is clear that they saw the potential of Lacy and the similarity with Marshawn Lynch. The one-year contract means that Lynch needs to prove himself in the new season, depending on his physical condition and health. In the rookie season, he made 1178 yards and 11 touchdowns. Lynch played only five games last season and was placed in the injury reserve list in October.

Lacy is now re-training after surgery in the offseason in October last year, which makes him likely to rebound next season. Of course, the team in the past also proved to be very suitable for running back to play, this may be the reason why he decided to join.

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