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San Francisco 49ers Want to Hire Kyle Shanahan

[Jan 18 2017 GMT]

Currently the only one of NFL six teams which desperately needed head coaches didn't make a decision, as they needed to wait. More information is on where you can buy cheap NFL Coins.

The San Francisco 49ers now want to hire Atlanta Falcon's offensive coordinator, Kyle Shanahan as their head coach, but they need to wait for the Falcon season to end. It is reported that in addition to the head coach candidates need to determine, 49ers will determine the general manager next week.

Shanahan's offensive team was the league's highest-scoring this season and helped the team enter the League Finals. Shaaranhan became the offensive coordinator in 2008, and begin his coaching career in Houston Texas. And he also coached in Washington Redskins and Cleveland Browns. This is his second season in the Falcons.