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Rudy Gay Will Not Renew with the Kings

[Sep 21 2016 GMT]

According to 2kvc reported, Rudy Gay had informed the management of the Kings that he will be out of contract in 2017, and not renew with them. More information is on where you can buy cheap 2K17 MT.

Gay, 30 years old,was 2006 draft of Rockets. Gay has excellent running and jumping ability, and comprehensive offensive capability. He grew a star player in Grizzlies, became the team's headed star once, but because of lack of leadership skills, on January 31, 2013 he was traded to the Raptors.

Gay played very bad in the Raptors. So on December 10, 2013 was again traded to the Kings. Gay and King signed a three-year $ 40 million contract extension, in which 2017-18 season is player option. Gay was very unhappy to the team management's work. He thinks they can not afford to make the Kings become a strong team, which is the direct reason that of he out of the contract.

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